19 Jan 2017

Blood Bowl: Galadrieth Gladiators Done!

Hello! Here's the last pics of the High Elf Team. Everything's done except the bases... which I was advised to leave as they are. But anyways, here's the pics!

The group shot!

Thrower and Dragon Warriors...

The Linemen...

And finally the Lion Warriors! That's all this time folks...

My Alien vs Predator painting job is delayed a bit, so I'm not quite sure what's my next project. I think it has something to do with Ninjas... and Turtles... :)

Bye now!

16 Jan 2017

Purchases: Space Crusade

Hi there! Just a quick update this time... I had to post about this treasure that I bought in a very fair price. I've played this last time when it was a new game, in the early 90's :). So it's been awhile... If I only found enough painty time to get all the figures in paints, and play one campaign, that would be awesome!

Every bit is in the box... even the extra blank counters! This was a great deal. The game was actually published in Finnish language at the beginning of 90's here in Finland, and this is one of those boxes... I've heard before that the translation is really crappy job, and when I started to read the rule book, I found out it's actually hilarious :D. I have to read the rules in English pdf-file just to understand what the translator is trying to say... Well, I dont mind. I hope to post more about this box soon, maybe in form of painted Space Crusade miniatures... Bye now!

5 Jan 2017

Blood Bowl: High Elves, Lion Warriors Painted

Hello there! Just a quick posting... I found some painting time for myself, and painted two more High Elf players. Here's the pics...

These were also lovely stuff to paint... The sculpting on these catchers is just great. Lots of feeling without too many details. That's how you do it! :)

And here's the back... Bases are not gonna be done on this team (not by me anyway). Coach of the team adviced me to leave them undone... So we are not gonna see them in full gaming glory here :(

Well... More to come soon, in the form of the High Elf Dragon Warriors (Blitzers). Bye now!

1 Jan 2017

Blood Bowl: High Elf Thrower Painted

And here's the first miniature painted, and first posting of 2017!!! Blood Bowl Thrower in paints...

Let the 2017 be eventful hobby-wise... for all of us! More to come soon!

31 Dec 2016

Blood Bowl: High Elves in Caledorian Colors WIP

Hello there! Here's the last posting for 2016 for me... I just started another Blood Bowl team. This time it's High Elves. These minis are the good stuff from 1997, the Galadrieth Gladiators! WhenI got this boxed set in my hand I was amazed. It was in such a great condition that it could have been purchased yesterday :) The owner had it stored in the mini cupboard for years and years...

Well here's the WIP-picture of the Linemen that I got in paints today...

I took some inspiration from 5th edition Fantasy Battle, and decided to paint them in the same color theme as the Dragon Princes of Caledor used to be.. at least in the cover of the boxed set that time.

These are all the seven linemen that comes in the box... Next I get to the "special" position players: Phoenix Warrior (Thrower), Lion Warrior (Catcher), and the Dragon Warrior (Blitzer).

Here's pics of the old Galadrieth Gladiators boxed set... It's so cool and in good condition :)

Ok! That's it for the year 2016... Happy New Year everybody!!!